Monday, October 5, 2009

New Lesson

In Canberra We've just had a long weekend, of which it was my mother's birthday a few days before. So I have been pretty slack.

This morning I warmed up with a few minutes worth of Low Bb and then at 120bpm every scale!!! thats right every single one of them! Then I had a lesson via skype with Will Vinson, a great New York (London born) Sax player. After the lesson his greatest revelation about my playing is that my time needs to be greatly improved. So he advised me to start thinking and practicing like a Bass player. To start listening to bass players and such. Another exercise was to think of playing the song like a drummers snare pattern. So one note, select a time on the metronome and play. Another was to only have slightly changing tempos during your practice. For example 2 hours of 120, 2 hours of 122, 2 hours of 118 and so on...

I'll be working on this idea for quite a while.

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