Thursday, October 1, 2009

Average Day

Today started with the usual Long Tones that where fine, however I attempted to learn some slap tonguing and it is a thousand times harder than it seems, and it seems hard!

On the scale front I went very well, yet again accuracy is the goal! I performed the diminished and diminished dominant scales at around 100bm over 2 octaves, in 3rds, opposing 3rds, scale tone 7ths. Then I tried the major and minor pentatonic's in 12 keys in 4 note cells as quavers, 3 note cells as triplets and 5 note cells in 5/8 time. This proved my teachers theory of short bursts being more beneficial. After about 2 scales (keys) my brain was fried and I couldn't get into the new key. So I'd take a break and then sit down and nail the new key! I then finished with the Blues scales and the Augmented scale (C,D#,E,G,Ab,B).

I then spent a round 2 hours practicing the solos and lines that I have written out for Confirmation and Have You Met Miss Jones

I then spent half an hour on the double time section of the Kenny Garrett Have You Met Miss Jones transcription.

Before settling in to play the two songs for a couple of hours.

All evening I have been working on transcribing Brian Blade's Red River Revel and Joshua Redman's Jazz Crimes

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