Friday, October 2, 2009

Half A Day

Today I started with the usual long tone practice and with my altissimo register I had made quite some improvements. First I did my usual trying to blow the saxophone apart with my air stream, then I tried to play softly while still producing a good tone and good projection.

On the Scale front I first realised that yesterday I forgot to do the Whole Tone scales, so I did those first today. Then the major, harmonic minor and melodic minor modes over the range of the horn at 200 bpm. I found the Eb Harmonic minor modes the hardest and had a little trouble with the fingering between B and D, I don't know I kept wanting to put some form of C in the middle there. Then followed by the diminished scales.

I spent an hour on my Hi-Fly Transcription in the keys of A, C, D, and E, I was just working on ironing out any faults and building confidence on all of the lines, and in the keys of D and E I spent a lot of time getting the altissimo lines happening.

I spent 20 minutes on my Kenny Garrett Have You Met Miss Jones Transcription. mostly on the double time section.

I then spent an hour working on my lines and solos for Confirmation and Have You Met Miss Jones.

Then... I've had a stiff back and neck all day and it started getting the better of me so I stopped.

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