Friday, February 5, 2010

Giant Steps

Hey all,

I've been working on all the scales in 3ds, alternate 3rds, 4ths, 5ths and 6ths. I am well on top of the 3rds and 4ths and 5ths are coming along. However the 6ths I'm finding very hard.

On the Giant Steps front, I've memorised most of the transcription, except for phrases here and there that I forget ever now and then. I can play it at 270bpm now and can play the first chorus in 3 keys, and the opening phrase I can play in all 12 keys.

Still haven't completely got the Kenny solo down, but its coming. The first chorus of Countdown is also memorised on the tenor, and I can play that whole solo at 250bpm. The Kenny Countdown I find very hard, but its coming along.

I've started work on my IR, first task I'm doing is transcribing both Kenny Garrett's and Cannonball's "What is this thing called love" of which the Cannonball transcription is right up my alley and coming along nicely, however the Kenny Garrett transcription of the song is absolutely brutal!!! I think that the day I can actually play it will be a great day in my life.

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