Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tuesday the 3rd

So on Tuesday I had my hour of long tones and on the F#, A, Bb, B and Up the tones are sounding really good and strong. G and Ab are becoming more consistent, but the tone doesn't sound like a sax, its that growning loosing your voice sound.

On the scale front I still covered my major modes between 132-138bpm. Thanks to smooth sailing in producing all the altissimo sounds I was able to play the major scales in the altissimo range at 70bpm. I played the scales in 3rds and I had the 4ths and 5ths happening! finally. I then followed the same routine with the melodic minor scales and played them in 3rds as well. So far no mistakes, everything was sounding smooth.

I then practiced written out solos over Confirmation, HAve You Met Miss Jones and Dear Lord, this was about 30 minutes worth.

Followed by Transcriptions of the above mentioned songs, trying to memorise the transcriptions.

Then Soloing unaccompanied with a metronome.

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